waxing prices

Eyebrow wax                                     £12.00

Lip or chin wax                                 £10.00

Lip & chin wax                                 £14.00

Bikini line wax                                  £15.00

Underarm wax                                  £14.00

Ankle to knee wax                             £20.00

Full leg wax                                       £30.00

Full leg & bikini wax                        £35.00

Thigh & bikini wax                          £30.00

Half arm wax                                    £16.00

Full arm wax                                     £20.00

Half leg, bikini & underarm            £40.00

Full leg, bikini & underarm             £45.00

Brazilian (vertical strip)                   £30.00

Hollywood (complete removal)        £32.00

Full Leg & Hollywood                      £55.00

Feel confidant that your waxing is in safe hands, we have more than 30 years experience. and offer waxing in our quiet and relaxing beauty rooms just a few mins walk from Perth city centre with car parking opp the salon or in Commercial Street.

waxing room
waxing in a beauty room

It may surprise you to learn that hair removal has been popular in one form or another for centuries. While these days, removing unwanted hair is as easy as booking an appointment at Cross Keys but for centuries women an had to rely on some creative methods for removing the hair they didn’t want on their bodies.

Many beauty trends that are still popular today began in Ancient Egypt; hair removal is no exception. The women of Ancient Egypt followed the trends set by Cleopatra, who removed all of her body hair, including on top of her head. To remove hair, Ancient Egyptians used tweezers made of seashells, as well as pumice stones, and beeswax for hair removal. Sugar wax, which is still used in some salons today, was also a common method of hair removal, using a sugar mixture to exfoliate the hair off the skin.

you can benefit from waxing services from Beauty at Cross Keys. From Brow waxes to Hollywood waxes and more, we can provide you with whatever waxing service you need. Book an appointment today.